A Greener Solution

We make every effort to work alongside our customers and supply partners to provide a greener solution. 

We work closely with our customers to understand their exact requirements and create a bespoke end to end solution, discussing the choice of low GWP refrigerants and selecting the most appropriate for their application, from small convenience retail stores to factories and distribution.

Our supply partners include amongst others, Arctic Circle, Beacon Engineering and Danfoss, who's entire porfolio of refrigeration components is now qualified for three A2L utlra-low GWP refrigerants. 

Working Together

We will work with you to look at each option, create a bespoke design and educate and lead our customers down the path to achieve the most effective option, both environmentally and for your budget.

Following our 4 stage plan with each customer, we strive to achieve excellence in engineering through good application.

At CB, we steer our customers to a more natural refrigeration option, offering a range of choices based on what the customer requirements are, all in the aid of reducing emissions and saving money by avoiding unnessessary cost.

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