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How CB are helping our customers achieve Net Zero


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Helping you achieve Net Zero

CB Refrigeration has been providing innovative solutions since 1952.

Since our founding, we’ve always adapted to match the current industry direction. We are able to provide alternative, bespoke solutions for our customers. Unable to find a solution that’s best for you? We will design and install a product that’s best for your business.

We offer

  • In-house consultancy
  • CO2 trained field-based engineers
  • Innovative, bespoke designs tailored to your business
  • Low and ultra-low GWP refrigerant solutions

CB Refrigeration F-Gas phase down – 65% F-Gas reduction for customers by 2030.

F-Gas implementation - The F-gas regulation was implemented on January 1, 2015. The regulation put in place an HFC phase-down from 2015 to 2030 by means of a quota system and sectorial bans on high GWP refrigerants.

Working with you

When approached by a customer to undertake project or service, we will work closely with all stakeholders to ensure the greenest solution can be achieved, to meet the application. Our experienced team will follow our customer road map to develop the optimal solution.

We source our supply partners not just on the quality of the materials, but also by their environmental impacts. Our partners include, amongst others:

We also develop and manufacture bespoke equipment where off the shell solutions are not suitable or available, through our in-house design services.

Available to you when you need us

With industry leading knowledge in F-Gas and natural refrigerants such as CO2 (R-744) and hydrocarbons, our back office technical support and field-based engineering team is available to support you 24/7, 365 days a year. Equipment can breakdown unexpectedly and without warning, having implications on your stock and your customers.

Whatever the requirement, whether emergency or a routine service maintenance check, our engineers will make sure your equipment is protected and always in good working order. Our field-based engineering team is available to support businesses across South Wales, the Midlands and the South West, with installations nationwide.

"We are not invested in one technology; this helps us create a bespoke package that’s best for your business."

Understanding you

All businesses have the challenge of achieving net zero. We understand these changes can be costly, time consuming and so we offer real-world support. With in-house consultancy and design available, we are able to support you and help you reach your goals within your budget. We offer cost and feasibility studies, enabling us to tailor and create sustainable and optimised engineering solutions. Once we understand your needs, we will collaborate with industry and governing bodies to ensure we provide the most up to date advice and support. Everything we do for you will be transparent and measurable to ensure a value driven service.

Understanding refrigerants and their global warming potential (GWP)

"We are not invested in one technology; this helps us create a bespoke package that’s best for your business. To help futureproof your business, we would advocate the use of ultra-low GWP refrigerants such as CO2 (R-744)."

The Journey

We want to take our customers on a journey...

From initial conversations, we become invested in securing the most ethical and environmentally sustainable solution. We have adopted engineering solutions to transition our customers from using high GWP to low or even ultra-low GWP, including CO2 and Hydrocarbons. These solutions can be tailored to your needs, making sure your business is in the best place to move towards a net zero target at its own pace.

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